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My edges were falling and I tried several haircare brands but no show. I started using Keramel Naturals and in two weeks, I started seeing visible results. I used the products for my whole hair and now, I can pack my hair even though its barely a year. Keramel made this possible.

Tessy Banks

Digital Marketer

My face was given a different story and I needed quick help. I was scared of trying Nigerian brands because of the stories I had heard. I tried Keramel and my face cleared up completely. I even started referring my friends and I’ve been stuck with them for years now.


Pro Makeup Artist.

I battled with breakage due to bad water and my hair was stunted for a long time. I got the kit and started using it and it worked like Magic. Now I can comb my hair and not see shedding. Even my hair stylist was surprised at how fast my hair bounced back.



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Do you aspire to have smooth skin, who does not like to be told they have skin as smooth as butter? One of the most important secrets to looking youthful is having a good skincare routine.

Starting a healthy skin journey might be hectic considering the fact that there are different serums, different natural oils for diverse skin types. To determine what would and would not work for you might be confusing but we are here to help with tutorials

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