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Body spots can be disturbing but relax, We got you!

 ‌While sweating can clear up your pores, the presence of dirt, oil, and dead cells blocking them may cause you to develop body acne. Cleaning and exfoliating  your skin regularly‌ is the best way to remedy this. 

Sun exposure can also be the culprit for body acne. When you get sunburnt, your skin dries out. As a result, your body overcompensates by producing more oil, which can clog your pores and cause body acne on the affected areas and these can result to body spots. 

These are the products you’ll be needing for your routine; For best results, Its important you get all listed in the steps as they play different important roles 

Once you’ve identified the primary cause for your breakouts, you can follow these simple routine to clear the body spots.

Here is a Recommended Routine...

Basic Routine: This routine can be done every  day.

Step 1: Wash with Renew Black Soap.

This is a daily black soap designed to safely even out skin complexion, brighten dull skin while removing dark spots and skin patches.

It also contains skin conditioning ingredients to give Rich, luscious lather and leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

Apply a small size of paste and work into a lather and wash your body. Rinse properly.

Step 2: Keep your skin moisturized. 

*Clarifying Body Milk is great lotion for normal to combination skin type and it helps with brighter and healthier skin tone while fading the body spots.

*Deep soothing Body butter is a non greasy body moisturizer that is great for most especially dry and dehydrated skin as it helps lock in moisture.

Exfoliating is key in managing body spots Routine: This can be done 2-3 times a week After step 1 of body care, Apply Nature Burst Scrub to damp body and massage it in till it melts off. Rinse and follow up with next step in body care routine.

For exfoliation: A practical way can be to exfoliate On Wednesdays and Saturdays, This just means that there should be intervals between the two exfoliation days.

Now that you know what to do, Its time to get your products.

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