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Managing Breakage is doable and we are here to help.

Here’s something you should know: Things like aggressive brushing and combing, sleeping on wet hair or rough fabrics that create friction, constantly pulling your strands into styles that are too tight, and heat styling are all some of the main reasons why hair breaks.

Step up your hair care game with this strenghtening routine and when your hair is in its healthy state, Breakage will take a bow. We have highlighted easy steps below to help.

These are the products you’ll be needing in your routine; For best results, Its important you get all as they play different important roles in your general hair maintenance and helping you manage breakage.

Here is a Recommended Routine...

Basic Routine: This routine can be done every 2-3 days.

Step 1: Spray your hair with Scalp Care Mist.
Moisturizing your hair daily will help it stay healthy while preventing dandruff and breakage. The scalp care mist contains products that helps your hair stay moisturized and hydrated for longer.
Massage the mist to your scalp and hair after application.

Step 2: Apply Revive Fro Oil to your scalp.

It helps to boost and promote rapid hair growth while reviving bald spots and edges.

Using the applicator mouth, apply the oil directly to the scalp and massage for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Moisturize with our Moisture Boost Leave in Conditioner.

Including this in your routine softens and deeply moisturizes the hair thus helping to combat hair loss and hair dryness.

Apply as required directly to strands and massage into your hair properly.

Step 4Seal with Hair restore Crème

Doing this boosts Hair growth and restores dull hair while leaving your hair moisturized for longer.

Apply as required directly to strands and massage into your hair properly. Pay attention to the ends of your hair while at it. 

PS: We all have lazy hair moments but don’t make it a regular. If you have braids or extensions, Just do step 1 and 2. Don’t leave you hair under extensions without care. 

Washday Routine: This routine can be done every 2-4 weeks.

Step 1: Wash with Lavender Conditioning Shampoo.

Softens, Detangles and cleanses the hair while keeping the scalp free of irritations, dandruff and flakes.

Apply a generous amount to wet hair, Allow to sit on hair for 5 mins, wash properly and
then rinse.

Step 2: Strengthen and feed your strands with our Strengthening Deep Conditioner.

It Strengthens strands and combats breakage while giving your hair a deeper level of moisture. 

Apply a generous amount on neatly washed hair from roots to ends and wrap hair for 15-
20 mins, Rinse.

After washing, Follow the basic routine again to ensure your hair is in the right state. 

Now that you know what to do, Its time to get your products.

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