Skincare Production Blueprint

Learn how to confidently make effective skincare products that are safe, stable and result driven from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. 

Here's You Will Learn

Some of the modules include

Understand the words that are common in the cosmetics industry and get familiar with them.

Learn different effective ingredients so you know their functions, uses and right usage rates. 

Cosmetics production is more than just mixing different ingredients together, You need to understand how to combine them and develop them into one. 

Get exposed to the the business and the vast opportunites in the industry

Beyond making your products, understand how to market, brand and position your beauty business 

The skin is the Largest organ of the body and you need to understand how products relate to the skin to make them work.

Learn how to make products professionally with easy to follow videos.

  • How to formulate Lotions and Creams
  • How to make Cleansing Products
  • How to make toners
  • How to make exfoilating products and scrubs
  • How to make black soaps and wash off products

and more…


Learn with practical examples from experienced tutors with easy to follow principles and techniques. 


No more guess work, In this course, theories meet bookwork and core facts. Understand the basics of cosmetics science. 


Earn a certificate upon completion after practical have been submitted. 

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Cosmetics Business by learning more and sharpening your skills.

Features of Skincare Production Blueprint

Why Choose Us?

Wondering why you should take your cosmetics business a notch higher with our Production blueprint. 

Excellent Course Curriculum

No fluff, carefully put together curriculum for you to follow through with.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Comfort meets Course where you can learn at your own pace and always revisit the courses while doing your practical.


You earn a bragging right after taking our course because you earn a certificate upon completion.


Trusted by Students

“Signing up for your course is one of the best decisions I made. I was scared at first but I'm glad I was able to pull through. I was shocked that making products is just more that adding ingredients together. Knowing that I can provide solution to people issues gives me a sense of fulfilment and even with making profit, I now know how to calculate it and run my skincare business.”
Princess Taribo
“Keramel skincare course was an eye opener, it broadened my knowledge to appreciate the fact that it takes a lot to make products that actually work. For sure, I learned the kind of ingredients to use and how to combine it well and now, my products are really effective. I'm glad I invested in this course. ”
Eddie Johnson
“My progress so far is so astonishing to be honest and I'm eager to start making my own effective products. I started learning how to make skincare products because i struggled with my skin for a long time but going through the modules, I know I can help myself and intending customers to experience good skin”
Tina Austin
“Oh my, this is real value for my registration fee and time. You not only taught the theory but you shared your in-depth practical knowledge which gave me nuggets to move forward. The modules were so relatable for a beginner like me and I'm grateful for the knowledge I have.”
Odulake Adebanke
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